Chicagoland’s Best-Kept Remodeling Secrets Unveiled


    NOVEMBER 5, 2023

    Chicagoland’s Best-Kept Remodeling Secrets Unveiled

    When it comes to home remodeling, Chicagoland offers a treasure trove of secrets that can transform your living space into a haven of comfort and style. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen, give your bathroom a spa-like makeover, or revamp your entire home, there are hidden gems and tricks that can make your remodeling project a resounding success. In this blog, we’ll uncover some of Chicagoland’s best-kept remodeling secrets to help you achieve your dream home transformation.

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    1. Hire a Local Professional

    The first secret to a successful remodeling project in Chicagoland is to hire a local professional. A local contractor who knows the ins and outs of the area can provide you with valuable insights into the local building codes and permit requirements. They will also have a network of local suppliers and subcontractors, which can save you time and money. When you work with a local pro, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they understand the unique challenges that can arise during a Chicagoland remodeling project.

    1. Energy-Efficient Upgrades

    Chicagoland experiences extreme weather conditions, from scorching summers to freezing winters. One of the best-kept secrets for homeowners in the area is to invest in energy-efficient upgrades during their remodeling projects. This can include high-quality insulation, energy-efficient windows, and HVAC systems. These upgrades not only improve your home’s comfort but also reduce energy bills in the long run.

    1. Open Concept Living

    Open-concept living is a design secret that Chicagoland homeowners are embracing with open arms. By removing walls and creating spacious, open living areas, you can maximize natural light, create a sense of flow, and make your home feel more inviting. Open-concept living is perfect for entertaining guests and makes your space feel larger without needing an expensive addition.

    1. Heated Floors for Chicago Winters

    Chicagoland winters can be bone-chilling, and one of the best-kept secrets to staying warm is heated floors. Radiant floor heating can be installed under various flooring types, providing consistent warmth throughout your home. It’s a luxurious and energy-efficient option that can make winter months much more comfortable.

    1. Chicago-Style Brick Exteriors

    If you’re looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal, consider the Chicago-style brick exterior. This architectural secret uses classic Chicago-style bricks, characterized by their deep red hue and distinctive patterns. The timeless charm of these bricks can give your home a unique and elegant appearance that stands out in the neighborhood.

    1. Uncover Original Features

    In older Chicagoland homes, there are often hidden gems beneath layers of renovations. One of the best-kept secrets of remodeling in the area is to uncover and restore original features. Whether it’s vintage hardwood floors, ornate crown molding, or historical architecture, restoring these elements can add character and value to your home.

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    1. Skylights for Natural Light

    Chicagoland is known for its gray skies, but you can bring natural light into your home with strategically placed skylights. Installing skylights in key areas can brighten up your space and create a sense of openness. They’re particularly useful in rooms that may not have many windows, like bathrooms and walk-in closets.

    1. Maximize Storage

    Storage is a precious commodity in any home, and Chicagoland homeowners have mastered the art of maximizing storage in their remodeling projects. Utilize hidden storage solutions, like built-in shelves, under-stair storage, and custom cabinetry. These secret storage spaces can help keep your home clutter-free and organized.

    1. Smart Home Technology

    Embracing smart home technology is a remodeling secret gaining popularity in Chicagoland. With the ability to control lighting, heating, security, and more from your smartphone, you can enhance your home’s convenience and energy efficiency. Smart thermostats and lighting systems can help you save on utility bills and make your home more environmentally friendly.

    1. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

    Chicagoland’s relatively short summers make outdoor living spaces highly valuable. Creating seamless indoor-outdoor spaces is a secret that allows you to enjoy the beautiful summer months to the fullest. Sliding glass doors, outdoor kitchens, and well-designed patios can extend your living space and provide the perfect setting for outdoor gatherings.

    1. Basement Renovations

    Chicagoland homes often have basements and savvy homeowners are turning these below-ground spaces into valuable living areas. Basement renovations are a well-kept secret that allows you to add extra bedrooms, home theaters, or game rooms to your property. It’s an excellent way to maximize your home’s square footage and increase its value.

    Basement Renovations

    1. Eco-Friendly Choices

    Chicagoland residents are increasingly making eco-friendly choices when it comes to remodeling. This secret involves using sustainable materials, energy-efficient appliances, and low-VOC paints to reduce your home’s environmental impact. Sustainable remodeling not only benefits the planet but can also lower your long-term operating costs.

    1. Choose the Right Colors

    Color is a powerful tool in home remodeling. Choosing the right color scheme can transform your space and create the desired atmosphere. Chicagoland’s best-kept secret is to select colors that complement the city’s ever-changing seasons. From cozy warm tones in winter to refreshing cool colors in summer, the right palette can enhance your home’s ambiance.

    1. Update the Kitchen

    The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and it’s no secret that Chicagoland homeowners are investing in kitchen upgrades. Open shelving, high-quality countertops, and state-of-the-art appliances are popular choices. Additionally, installing a large, functional island is a Chicagoland secret that can make your kitchen a hub for family gatherings and entertaining.

    1. Spa-Like Bathrooms

    Chicagoland residents are turning their bathrooms into spa-like retreats. Luxurious features such as rain showers, heated floors, and whirlpool tubs are secret ingredients for creating an oasis within your home. Soft color palettes and high-quality fixtures add to the ambiance, making your daily routine feel like a spa getaway.

    1. Outdoor Entertainment

    Chicagoland’s best-kept secret for homeowners who love to entertain is to create outdoor entertainment areas. Decks, patios, and pergolas can provide the perfect setting for barbecues and gatherings. Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits can extend your outdoor enjoyment well into the fall, making your home a welcoming destination for friends and family.

    1. Window Treatments

    Choosing the right window treatments is a secret that can greatly impact your home’s aesthetics and functionality. Chicagoland experiences a wide range of weather conditions, so it’s essential to select window treatments that provide insulation and privacy while enhancing your home’s style. Custom blinds and curtains can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

    1. Custom Built-Ins

    Custom built-ins are a well-kept remodeling secret in Chicagoland. These tailored storage solutions, from bookshelves to window seats, can maximize space while adding character and charm to your home. They provide a unique and functional touch that sets your home apart.

    1. Architectural Details

    Incorporating architectural details is a Chicagoland secret to elevating your home’s design. Wainscoting, coffered ceilings, and decorative trim work can add sophistication and personality to your space. These details can make your home feel more luxurious and refined.

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